Best used Volvos for every budget

Its cars once had a reputation for being a bit square, but there are now plenty of desirable Volvos on the used market. These are our favourites for £2000, £30,000 and everything in between...

1. Best used Volvos for every budget
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Volvo S90 ext
Volvo S90 interior
Volvo V90 exterior
Volvo V90 interior
Volvo XC90 exterior
Volvo XC90 interior
Volvo V40 exterior
Volvo V40 interior
Volvo XC60 exterior
Volvo XC60 interior
Volvo 850R exterior
Volvo 850R exterior 2
Volvo XC70 exterior
Volvo XC70 interior
Volvo V50 exterior
Volvo V50 interior
Volvo Xc90 exterior
Volvo XC90 interior
Volvo S60 exterior
Volvo S60 interior
Volvo C70 exterior
Volvo C70 interior
Volvo C30 exterior
Volvo C30 interior
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Years ago, if you wanted a car that put safety above all else, you bought a Volvo. The firm’s reputation was built on some solid and reliable cars that could withstand the worst of the Swedish weather and even survive getting up close and personal with that country’s errant wildlife.

That reputation for innovation in safety technology is still intact, but over recent years Volvo’s range of cars has been anything but dowdy; with Scandi-cool interiors and exterior styling slick enough to make schoolboys swoon, Volvos are now decidedly modern.

Here, we’ve picked our top three used favourites in several price categories, ranging from just £2000 up to £30,000. Take a look to see if one appeals to you.

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