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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Small Car of the Year

Despite the fashion for SUVs, the traditional small car remains the most popular type on the road, with the best brilliant all-rounders that offer excellent value for money...

WINNER: Small Car of the Year

Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid SR

Car of the Year 2022 - MotorEasy

In the same way that the mighty Disney corporation brings a lot of great entities together under one banner to form something magical, the Honda Jazz is good in so many individual areas that it makes a fantastic overall package.

This is a small car that feels like a big one, not only in terms of comfort but also because of the sheer amount of interior space on offer. Put simply, it dwarfs just about anything else in this class in this regard.

Rear seat passengers are treated to more head and knee room than they’d get in any rival, and while you’ll fit more luggage into a Seat Ibiza, the Jazz’s boot will still handle your holiday suitcases. And should you need to carry a bicycle or anything else that won’t fit in the boot, the Jazz’s party piece is its cinema-style fold-up rear seats, which free up extra carrying capacity.

Honda Jazz 2022 side

There’s more to the Jazz than just space and practicality, though; it can also save you money. Because it’s a hybrid, you can drive for short distances on electric power alone, resulting in outstanding fuel economy. In fact, the 1.5-litre Jazz returned an impressive 56mpg in our real-world test.

That hybrid set-up also provides peppy performance, and while the Ibiza and Ford Fiesta are more fun to drive, the Jazz’s safe, predictable handling is perfectly fit for purpose. The Jazz is nicely hushed, too, especially around town, and its ride is comfortable on faster roads, although its CVT automatic gearbox does bring some engine noise when you put your foot down.

Honda Jazz 2022 interior

While the Mini hatchback has a more inviting interior, there’s no doubt that the Jazz’s feels built to last. You get a better view out than in many rivals, too, thanks to a high-set seating position and slim windscreen pillars.

The Jazz is more expensive to buy than some other small cars, but the upside is that it will hang on to its value better, netting you a larger proportion of your money back when you sell it. And besides, our Target Price savings mean you need not pay full price to begin with.

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