Electric Car Awards 2022: Best used electric luxury SUV

With electrified cars now coming in all shapes and sizes – and available to suit every budget – we’ve named the best models in every class. Here we look at the best used electric luxury SUV...

WINNER: Best used electric luxury SUV

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 S

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To everything there is a season. Those old enough will remember the days when Jaguars were either iconoclastic and immensely desirable roadsters or wood and leather-lined saloons beloved of slightly dodgy company directors and pub landlords. Now, though, a Jag is just as likely to be an SUV and, since 2018, it’s even been an electric SUV, in the shape of the gorgeous-looking Jaguar I-Pace.

If you wanted to get yourself inside one, the only problem was the price; a new I-Pace doesn’t come cheap. The solution is to look for one at a few years old, and such has been its sales success new that there are now plenty on the used market. Prices start from around £40,000 for an early car with an average mileage on the clock bought from a franchised dealer; that’s a cool £26,000 less than you’d pay for a new one and well under half the price of a BMW iX xDrive50.

Best used electric luxury SUV 2022 - Jaguar I-Pace front

Admittedly, the I-Pace can’t match the tech and range of the iX, but by the standards of its contemporaries, it does pretty well. Its 90kWh battery provides power to all four wheels via two electric motors for a total output of 395bhp. The resulting performance is eyebrow-lifting, and you’ll also get an official range of 292 miles. The I-Pace is relatively agile and has a comfortable ride, too.

Another strength is the interior, which looks stylish and has plush materials in all the right places. True, there is a small question mark over reliability, but we still think the handsomely equipped and reasonably practical I-Pace is a better bet than an Audi E-tron or a Tesla Model X, having a longer range than the former and feeling more upmarket than the latter.

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