Frankfurt 2009: Skoda Superb estate

* Sleek looks * Up to 1865 litres of load space * On sale early 2010...

Frankfurt 2009: Skoda Superb estate

What is it?
An estate version of Skodas already roomy Superb

A recipe
Take one massive saloon/hatchback, add a longer, squarer, rear end and you have the makings of a very fine estate car

In the race for space Skoda has already pulled some great wagons out of the hat (the Octavia), and now its given its big Superb the same treatment.

The superb estate will be available with all of the same engines with the exception of the entry-level 1.4 TSI petrol and lowest-powered 1.9-litre diesel.

As far as petrols go, then, youll get the option of a 158bhp 1.8-litre or a 256bhp 3.6-litre V6, while the 2.0-litre diesels provide 138bhp or 168bhp.

How much space is there?
With the seats in place the Superb estate has 633 litres of space, but the seats fold (flat/easily/magically) to leave a loadbay with 1865 litres of space.

How much will it cost?
Prices havent been confirmed, but wed expect them to start at around 17,500 when the Superb estate goes on sale in early 2010.