How to spec a Skoda Superb Estate

Our guide to the spacious Skoda Superb Estate covers which version to go for, which options to choose and how much to pay for it all...

Skoda variable boot floor

Variable boot floor (£155)

One of the few things that owners might find annoying about the Superb Estate is the slight boot lip that you have to heave your items over in order to load them. Well, it's an issue that can be solved for just £155, by adding a variable boot floor that you can set to different heights. In its highest setting, it irons out the aforementioned lip and makes loading items a breeze.

Skoda Superb Estate boot

Electrically operated boot with sliding trunk cover (£480) 

When you're staggering across the supermarket car park with your shopping, you'll be glad that you chose this option, because it allows you to open and close the Superb Estate's boot by just pressing a button on the key fob. And once you're all packed up, your shopping will be protected from prying eyes by a cover that slides into position when you close the boot.

Skoda Superb centre console

Heated windscreen (£310​)​​​​​​

SE Technology versions of the Superb Estate already get heated seats as standard, but to maximise your car's ability to handle inclement weather, we recommend going for a heated windscreen, which will clear any mist or ice from your car far faster than a conventional fan. The same technology that dissipates the mist also helps to reflect heat and keep the car cooler in summer – and all at the touch of a button on the dashboard.