Lottery winners: their must-have cars

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Lottery winners: their must-have cars

EuroMillions lottery winner Nigel Page says he'll spend part of his 56 million winnings on a new 4x4, possibly a Range Rover or a BMW X6.

Nigel is in good company. According to the latest research, a new BMW is the second most popular purchase for lottery winners, with a Range Rover coming in at number six.

Surprise entry for Vauxhall
The most popular brand that millionaires head for is Mercedes-Benz, with the C-Class topping the choice table for lottery winners. Vauxhall in at number four in the list might rate as more of a surprise entry in the chart, though.

A new car is also one of the first things that a lottery millionaire buys, with 36% of jackpot winners heading to a car showroom before buying a new house or even splashing some cash on the high street.

Lottery winner Tom Naylor has a car for every day of the week - click here to enlarge A car for every day of the week
Tom Naylor, a lorry driver from the West Midlands at the time of his win, won 15,528,286 on Lotto Extra in 2001. He said he wanted a car for every day of the week and that's just what he did. He bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom, three Jaguars an XJ, XK and XJ220 - an Aston Martin DB9, a Land Rover Discovery and a Hummer.

In fact, 13% of jackpot winners have bought at least 10 cars since their win, while the average number of cars bought per winning household is 5.17.

On the homepage we're asking how many cars would you buy if you won the jackpot.

Meantime, here are the top 10 brands for lottery winners

1 Mercedes-Benz
3 Mini
4 Vauxhall
5 Land Rover
6 Range Rover
7 Ford
8 Porsche
9 Audi
10 Jaguar

Our own What Car? top 10 if we won the lottery...
Audi R8 for performance
Rolls-Royce Phantom for sitting in the back
Land Rover Discovery for the family
BMW Z4 for posing
Mini Cooper for around town
Jaguar XF for business
Jaguar XK for those trips to the south of France
Lotus Evora for sheer fun
Toyota Prius for its green credentials
Maserati GranTurismo for looking at

and of course
Peugeot 3008 our car of the year