Most and least reliable family cars

Families need dependable cars. Pick one from our top 10 most reliable and it shouldn't let you down...

BMW 1 Series front - red

=7. BMW 1 Series (petrol) 2011-2019

Score 97.0%

Petrol-engined 1 Series models are far sturdier than diesels – only 13% had a fault compared with 34% of diesels, which suffered a high proportion of engine problems. The most frequently cited issues on petrol cars were the bodywork, exhaust and interior trim. All cars could still be driven and two thirds were rectified the same day. The vast majority of repairs were done under warranty and only a few owners faced bills of £500 to £750. 

Honda Civic diesel

Score 97.2%

Only 14% of Civic owners reported a fault with their car and those that did told us the issues only affected the battery, exhaust and non-engine electrics. All cars could still be driven and three quarters were fixed in less than a day. Almost all repair work was done for free, only a small percentage of owners had bills of between £500 and £750.  

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Skoda Octavia

Score 97.3%

Petrol-engined Octavias are proving slightly more durable than diesels; 14% of petrol models had a fault compared with 16% of diesels. Problems were reported in a wide range of areas, including the battery, brakes, engine, engine electrics, gearbox, interior trim and sat nav. All cars remained driveable, but some took more than a week to put right. Most work was done for free and only a small number of owners shelled out between £100 and £200 on repair bills.  

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