Ranked: the most and least reliable older cars

On a tight budget and looking to buy an older car? These are the brands to go to and the ones that are probably best avoided...

1. Ranked: the most and least reliable older cars
Ranked: the least reliable older car makes
Lexus CT200h
Dacia Sandero
Honda CR-V
Toyota RAV4
Suzuki Swift
Kia Sportage
Porsche 911
Subaru Outback
Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Skoda Roomster
Mazda 3
Hyundai Santa Fe
Seat Leon
Ford Kuga
Mercedes E-Class Coupe
BMW 1 Series
Mini One
Fiat 500
Audi A3
Jaguar XK
Mitsubishi ASX
Volvo XC70
Volkswagen Polo
Nissan Qashqai
Citroen C3 Picasso
Peugept 207
Renault Clio
Vauxhall Insignia
Range Rover
Alfa Romeo Mito
Chevrolet Captiva
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What Car? recently published its annual Reliability Survey, focusing on models between one and three years old.

In this feature, we’re publishing the data on cars over four years old. Reliability data for older models is arguably even more important, because cars tend to be out of manufacturer warranty and their increasing age can inevitably lead to wear and tear related issues, as well as a higher risk of equipment failure.

Here’s the results, with the most reliable brands at the start, and the least at the end:

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