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Most and least reliable luxury SUVs

Luxury SUVs are packed with technology, which is great unless something goes wrong because they can be very costly to fix. Here we reveal the most and least dependable models...

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Sitting at the pinnacle of car model ranges, luxury SUVs are kitted out with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, and that makes them some of the most desirable family cars around. Pick a good model and it'll transport you and your family around in comfort and style for years, but if you pick an unreliable one you could end up spending a lot of money – and time – getting it fixed.  

To help you sort the peachy luxury SUVs from the lemons, we've asked thousands of car owners to tell us all about their cars' reliability. Nearly 25,000 people completed the latest What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy. 

Each one told us whether their car had suffered a fault in the past two years, and if it had, how much it cost to put right, and how long it spent in the garage. We've used the data to create a unique reliability rating for 248 models, spanning 32 different car brands. 

Looking exclusively at the results for cars aged up to five years old, we can reveal the eight most dependable luxury SUVs and the three you might want to avoid.  

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