New Ford Focus ST vs Honda Civic Type R

Ford and Honda are both experts at making entertaining hot hatchbacks. But does the latest Focus ST have what it takes to topple the brilliant Civic Type R?...

Ford Focus ST infotainment


Ford Focus ST

The ST’s 8.0in touchscreen is placed high on the dashboard to make it easy to see; it has decent graphics and a range of shortcut buttons for quickly jumping between menus. It’s not the most responsive, though, and some of the icons are quite small. You get smartphone mirroring to use apps such as Waze from the screen. The standard B&O sound system lacks punch and mid-range.

Honda Civic Type R infotainment

Honda Civic Type R

We’re always criticising the Civic’s system, and with good reason. It’s like something from the 1990s, with poor graphics, tiny icons and confusing menus. It doesn’t help that the volume is controlled by a fiddly touch-sensitive button, so even that’s a pain to use. Thankfully, you can bypass Honda’s software and use your phone’s instead, via Apple CarPlay or similar. The stereo sounds pretty decent, too.

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