New Hyundai i10 vs Volkswagen Up

Will Volkswagen’s updated Up knock Hyundai’s i10 off the top spot as our favourite city car?...

New Hyundai i10 vs Volkswagen Up

What are they like inside?

Both cars have a height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, but reach adjustment for the steering wheel isn’t an option on either car. As a result, you are forced to sit closer to, or farther away from, the pedals than you’d ideally like.

The Up has another, more annoying issue, though: many drivers will find that the steering wheel obscures the speedometer unless you put the wheel in an uncomfortably high position. You can get round this by selecting the digital speedo on the trip display, but this isn’t ideal because you lose vital information, such as fuel economy. The rest of the Up’s interior is well thought out, though.

Granted, you won’t find any soft-touch plastics in either model, but spend some time playing with the switches and it’s the Up that conveys a greater sense of quality. That’s not to say the i10 feels cheap; most of its switches operate in awell-damped manner.

New Hyundai i10 vs Volkswagen Up

The i10’s infotainment system offers the best user experience, too. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth is a doddle, the 7.0in touchscreen is clear and responsive and the sat-nav gives real-time updates. In contrast, Up buyers have to use their smartphone as a sat-nav, with the free Maps + More app working as a second interface on the centrally located 5.0in colour screen which also controls the Bluetooth and the DAB radio.

Moving rearwards, the i10 is roomier in the back, offering much more head and leg room. On paper, there’s more shoulder room in the back of the Up thanks to its boxier dimensions, but the lack of a middle seat and rear windows that can only be latched open, rather than wound down, result in a more claustrophobic rear seat experience.

Boot space is a closer fought affair, with the Up’s height-adjustable floor providing impressive flexibility. With it raised, the load lip is smaller than the i10’s, and with it lowered, the Up’s boot is one of the deepest in the class. The variable floor also smooths out the step between the boot floor and rear seats when they’re folded. That said, the i10 has a wider load bay and will swallow the most shopping.