New Volvo XC90 vs used Range Rover Sport: which is best?

Is an ultra practical new Volvo XC90 better than an extremely posh used Range Rover Sport? Read our test to find out...

Used Range Rover Sport

New Volvo XC90 vs used Range Rover Sport – alternatives

If you want our favourite seven-seat luxury SUV, you’ll need to look at an Audi Q7. Aside from a steeper asking price than a Volvo XC90, there isn’t a lot else to grumble about with our current award-winner; it has the finest interior in the class, plenty of space inside, remarkable refinement and a strong 3.0-litre diesel engine.

The Porsche Cayenne is another expensive German SUV, and, if you want something with a sharper drive than the Range Rover Sport, there really isn’t any other choice. It too can be found with a 3.0-litre diesel engine, and is faster than the Range Rover. It also has a better finished interior, albeit not a particularly stylish one.

New Volvo XC90 vs used Range Rover Sport – which is best?

It would be fair to say that, if your only concern was practicality, the Volvo XC90 would be the clear winner. It is the only car in its class that offers seven seats across the entire range, from the diesel version we have here to the plug-in hybrid electric version – most rival hybrids go without the extra seats to make space for the addition of a battery pack. The Audi Q7, meanwhile, is only offered with five seats if you want a spare tyre. 

New Volvo XC90 vs used Range Rover Sport: which is best?

Not everyone needs all those seats, though, and the Range Rover Sport more than makes up in other ways. It is the more refined vehicle thanks to its bigger, six-cylinder engine; it carries the premium Land Rover image, too, as well as potentially less expensive running costs than the Volvo.

However, dependability should still be a major consideration since these are both big and complicated SUVs. So, for its longer warranty and slightly better reliability scores, the Volvo XC90 should be the one to go for. It’s still a tidy handling thing for a hefty four-wheel drive, and it has the better infotainment system of this duo. It’s the one that ultimately ticks more of the boxes expected of a modern luxury SUV.  

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