News round-up: new Mazda MX-5 chassis revealed, plus Toyota fuel cell car coming to Europe

* Next-generation Mazda MX-5 chassis revealed * Toyota's 2015 fuel-cell cars will be sold in Europe * Kia Sedona showcases new infotainment tech...

News round-up: new Mazda MX-5 chassis revealed, plus Toyota fuel cell car coming to Europe


The new Skyactiv chassis that will underpin the next-generation Mazda MX-5 has been unveiled in New York. The company says the new MX-5 will be closer to the first-generation car in size and weight, and its engineers are aiming to strip back more than 100kg. That means the entry-level model could tip the scales at around 1000kg.

Alongside the chassis for the new MX-5, Mazda will show the 25th Anniversary Edition of the current-generation car. The special model, in Soul Red metallic paint, is based on the 158bhp 2.0-litre Roadster Coupe. Off-white leather upholstery, gloss black trim finishes and dark grey alloy wheels complete the look.


Toyota Motor Europe’s president, Didier Leroy, has confirmed that the company’s forthcoming fuel cell-powered car will be available in Europe. We first saw the FCV concept at the Tokyo motor show, and it gives a clear indication of the styling of the 2015 production model. Leroy said that a ‘reasonable’ number of cars would come to Europe. ‘The volume will be limited, but they will be visible on the streets,’ he said.


Kia has revealed the new Sedona MPV at the New York motor show. The redesigned eight-seater features next-generation infotainment and safety systems that could appear in future European models, including the Kia app store and Google search functions. However, there are currently no plans to bring the Sedona itself to the UK or rest of Europe.


Ford has unveiled the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Mustang at the New York motor show. The car is based on the Performance Pack version of the regular Mustang, so it gets a 5.0-litre V8 producing 414bhp. It comes in two 'vintage' colours - blue and white - and gets chrome flourishes in key areas like the tail-lights. Each car comes with a numbered plaque; in a tribute to the year of the Mustang's launch, just 1964 examples will be built. This generation of the Mustang is being lined up for right-hand-drive sales, but that move will come too late for any of the 50th Anniversary models to make it to the UK.