Skoda Superb Estate driven

* Big estate reviewed * On sale February 2010 * Prices expected to start at £17k...

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What Car? Staff
16 Oct 2009 15:52 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The Skoda Superb was always the Big Mac of the family car world, but now it's been well and truly supersized. Say hello to the new Skoda Superb Estate.

With an enormous boot of 633 litres (seats up, loaded to the roof), it's got enough space to trouble the roomiest of estate-car rivals.

There's also a range of handy touches, like baggage hooks and load separators, to make the Superb Estate even more versatile. Shame Skoda didn't make the back seats a little cleverer folding them down involves popping the seat base out of the way first, and you get a stepped load floor. On the bright side, you do then get a whopping 1865 litres of cargo space.

Like the Superb hatchback, the estate also has acres of passenger space, especially in the back where there's more legroom than any passenger will ever need. The cabin feels smart and classy, too, and all versions come well-equipped.

Skoda Superb engines

You'll have six engines to choose from, three diesels and three petrols. The smooth 123bhp 1.4 turbo isn't as flat as you might expect, but we suspect it'll struggle when you load the car up. The 158bhp 1.8 turbo is a good bit stronger and should cope fine. We've yet to try the 256bhp 3.6 V6.

We didn't try the entry-level 104bhp 1.9 diesel, either, but the 138bhp 2.0 unit feels muscular enough for the job. It could be smoother and quieter, though. There's also a common-rail 2.0 diesel with 168bhp, which is smoother, quieter and more flexible than its lesser relative, but it's pricier to buy.

Sure, the Superb Estate isn't the most involving car to drive the steering's a little slow and the body lollops around in bends. On the other hand, though, it does give you a smooth, comfortable ride and impressive refinement.

The car is due to go on sale in February of next year. Prices haven't been confirmed yet, but Skoda reckons it'll cost around 1300 more than the equivalent hatchback version. That means a starting price of approximately £17,205 for the 1.4TSI. That's an awful lot of car for the money.