Skoda Superb Estate iV plug-in hybrid long-term test review: report 3

The Skoda Superb Estate iV plug-in hybrid promises a great blend of practicality and efficiency. But does this translate to the real world? We're finding out...

Skoda Superb Estate 2020 left panning

The car Skoda Superb Estate SE L 1.4 TSI iV Run by John Bradshaw, senior photographer

Why it’s here To find out if a plug-in hybrid can be the answer when journey lengths are unpredictable, and to put the Superb Estate’s legendary practicality to the test. 

Needs to have a big, versatile boot for use as a moving photographic platform, prove comfortable and economical on a mixture of journeys.

Mileage 8961 List price £36,100 Target Price £33,355 Price as tested £37,370 Test economy 50.3mpg Official economy 188.3mpg

7 October – Two cars in one

Compared with other cars in the Skoda Superb Estate range (which starts from as little as £23,925 if you use our New Car Buying service…), my iV plug-in hybrid looks a little pricey. But viewing it as two cars in one puts things in a different light. 

Skoda Superb Estate iV 2020 instrument cluster

Logistics have prevented me from plugging in as often as I’d like and making the very most of the electric side of my car’s split personality. But the combination of occasional charging and regenerative braking has ensured that there’s always a bit of electricity in the bank so I can saunter noiselessly around town.

I’m not one for drag racing, but I don’t reckon the Superb iV is much less urgent away from the lights in electric mode than it is when burning petrol, and the way it cushions speed bumps and urban potholes makes it feel at home in the city. And later, when the petrol engine seamlessly chimes in, motorways are second nature. Two cars, one parking space. Perfect.

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