Superminis to coupes

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Superminis to coupes

Fiat dealers are still refusing to discount the 500, so our Target Price for the trendy supermini is set at exactly 0% off the list price if you get any discount at all you're doing very well. Other fashionable models such as the Audi A1 our Car of the Year for 2011 and the Alfa Romeo Mito show the smallest cash savings.
Smallest cash discount: from 156 on an Audi A1 1.2 TFSI SE at 13,264
Biggest cash discount: up to 2549 on a Citroen C3 1.6 HDi 8v 110 Exclusive at 14,191

Small family cars
The recently launched Hyundai ix20 and Lexus CT200h are too new to have registered a Target Price yet, but it shouldn't take too much longer keep your eyes peeled on our Target Price page.
Smallest cash discount: from 184 on a Volkswagen Beetle 1.4 Luna at 13,161
Biggest cash discount: up to 3823 on a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTi 150 SRi at 18,862

Family car
A popular engine in a popular car that's just been updated? It all equals small discounts on the VW Passat. Vauxhall discounts are traditionally strong, but combine that with a thirsty V6 engine and you can slash more than 5500 from the list price of an Insignia.
Smallest cash discount: from 846 on a Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI 122 S at 18,029
Biggest cash discount: up to 5587 on a Vauxhall Insignia 2.8T V6 4x4 Elite Nav at 28,263

Estate car
Mini dealers can offer tiny discounts across the Clubman family. Not so with Vauxhall or the Insignia or that V6 petrol.
Smallest cash discount: from 411 on a Mini Cooper Clubman at 15,359
Biggest cash discount: up to 5835 on a Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2.8T V6 4x4 Elite Nav at 29,445

The Alhambra is our favourite MPV at the moment, and big savings aren't yet available. The Vauxhall Zafira is rather long in the tooth and discounts have grown much bigger over time.
Smallest cash discount: from 275 on a Seat Alhambra 1.4 TSI 150 S at 22,525
Biggest cash discount: up to 4581 on a Vauxhall Zafira 1.7 CDTi 110 ecoFLEX Elite at 20,589

Hot hatch
There's nothing off a hot Fiat 500 or Volkswagen Golf, but don't despair, there are savings to be had on the VW's close cousin the Seat Leon.
Smallest cash discount: from 521 on a Mini Cooper 1.6 S at 17,489
Biggest cash discount: up to 3545 on a Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 240 Cupra at 18,615

Coupes are desirable cars and you'll have to pay full price for some, such as the Audi TT and VW Scirocco models but not all. Check our Target Price page for the model you're interested in.
Smallest cash discount: from 693 on a Honda CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC S at 16,667
Biggest cash discount: up to 7103 on a Jaguar XKR at 70,797