The safest cars on sale today

Safety is obviously a high priority for most car buyers, so here we reveal the models that performed best and worst in the official Euro NCAP crash tests...

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09 July 2019

The safest cars

The safety experts at Euro NCAP have crash tested 44 cars since the toughest test standards yet were introduced last year, with 34 of those cars earning the maximum five-star rating.

Among them are such diverse vehicles as the Renault Clio small hatchback, the BMW X5 luxury SUV and the Audi E-tron electric car.

However, while Euro NCAP has stated that drivers have never been safer, there are still big differences between the very best and worst performers. So, below we count down the cars with the 10 best scores – and reveal the models that received one star or less.

The top 10:

=10. Mercedes B-Class

B-Class 2019 Header Image

Adult occupant protection 96% Child occupant protection 90% Pedestrian protection 78% Safety Assist 75%

Total Euro NCAP score 339/400

Based on the Mercedes A-Class family hatchback, but with more space for passengers and luggage, the B-Class offers its occupants good protection, regardless of their size. Plus, even entry-level versions come with automatic emergency braking and a system that monitors the driver for signs of drowsiness.

Seat Tarraco

Adult occupant protection 97% Child occupant protection 84% Pedestrian protection 79% Safety Assist 79%

Total Euro NCAP score 339/400

This seven-seat SUV is closely related to the Skoda Kodiaq – another car with a five-star Euro NCAP rating. However, it's the Tarraco that scored higher for adult, child and pedestrian protection.

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=10. Mazda 3

2019 Mazda 3 front

Adult occupant protection 98% Child occupant protection 87% Pedestrian protection 81% Safety Assist 73%

Total Euro NCAP score 339/400

In addition to its impressive safety credentials, Mazda's latest answer to the Volkswagen Golf has one of the plushest and quietest interiors of any family car.

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9. Lexus UX

Lexus UX front

Adult occupant protection 96% Child occupant protection 85% Pedestrian protection 82% Safety Assist 77%

Total Euro NCAP score 340/400

We don't rate Lexus's smallest SUV particularly highly, because it's mediocre to drive and very cramped. However, every variant comes with a Safety System Plus package, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and road sign detection.

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