Volvo XC90 assessed by What Car? readers

* Volvo XC90 previewed by potential buyers * What Car? readers give their thoughts on the car * Goes on sale in early 2015...

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Tom Webster
24 November 2014

Volvo XC90 assessed by What Car? readers

The Volvo XC90 is set to go on sale in the UK from 2015, with prices starting at £45,785, and will aim to take on the likes of the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes M-Class and the Land Rover Discovery.

To see whether it stands a chance of taking on these rivals, and impressing owners of the outgoing XC90, we brought a team of What Car? readers and potential Volvo buyers along to take a look at the new car.

They included Nick Taylor, who owns a current XC90 and Andy and Ruth Bradshaw, who have five children, tow a caravan and currently own a Volkswagen Caravelle. We also had Rob Newbold, who is after something quick particular - a hybrid 4x4.

See what they all made of the car in our exclusive video below:

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