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Alfa Romeo Stelvio review


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Driving position and dashboard

So far, we’ve only tried Alfa Romeo Stelvios fitted with electrically adjustable seats. These proved easy to adjust to suit both tall and short drivers and had adjustable lumbar support, too. The steering wheel has plenty of adjustment for rake but fairly limited reach adjustment so not everyone will find a perfect driving position. The gear selector falls easily to hand and there’s the option of aluminium shift paddles behind the steering wheel that both look and feel great.

Visibility, parking sensors and cameras

While the view over the heavily sculpted bonnet is an attractive one, we did find the windscreen pillars to be quite thick. This can cause issues when pulling out of junctions. Likewise, there are thick rear pillars and a small rear window that can make reversing tricky. Parking sensors are standard, but you might want to consider the optional reversing camera.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Sat nav and infotainment

All Stelvios get an 8.8in colour infotainment screen controlled by a rotary dial mounted between the front seats. Using the controller is much simpler – not to mention safer – than taking your eyes off the road to prod a touchscreen as in most rivals. It is relatively easy to navigate and has sat-nav that is easy enough to follow. We did find that the screen is very wide and not very tall, which makes some text a little trickier to read. It also looks a little dated compared with Audi’s MMI and BMW’s iDrive systems.


Alfa makes a big deal about its use of real metal, wood and leather in the Stelvio’s interior. Although these trims are attractive, there are too many hard, scratchy surfaces to give a truly premium feel. Yes, there’s plenty of soft-touch plastic around, but cheaper materials can be found all too readily in areas that you touch and see regularly.

Particularly disappointing is the top of the dashboard – it’s made from a heavily textured plastic that looks and feels rather dated. Likewise, many of the buttons and dials don’t feel quite as solid as you’d find in an Audi Q5 or Porsche Macan.


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