AMG earmarks 4cyl twin-turbo for A-Class

* First four-cylinder engine from AMG * Twin-turbo unit for A-Class AMG * New A-Class on sale next year...

16 November 2011

AMG earmarks 4cyl twin-turbo for A-Class

AMG insiders have said that a hot A-Class AMG will be powered by a four-cylinder, twin-turbo petrol engine the first such unit to be made by Mercedes' tuning specialists.

The A-Class AMG is tipped to go on sale within the next two years and will be a rival for Audi's RS3.

The upcoming A-Class will be launched late next year. It will be much lower and sportier than the current model. Three- and five-door models will be available.

In September, AMG's new-model manager Cristoph Jung told What Car? that he expects the A-Class AMG to have a four-cylinder petrol engine with 'somewhere between 225bhp and 275bhp'.

'We want a model below the C-Class, but we will use only a platform that's good enough to be tuned into an AMG model, and the next A-Class is.'