Coupes, cabrios and hot hatches

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Coupes, cabrios and hot hatches

Coupes and cabrios
Nissan Micra It's worth shopping around for great deals on C+C models. Our mystery shoppers were offered 2000 off the 1.6 Acenta.

Saab 9-3 We were offered a 1.8t Vector Sport (including metallic paint) for 25,000 by a dealer. That's 4640 less than the price you'll find in a Saab brochure, so haggle hard if you're in the market for a 9-3 Convertible.

Hot hatches & performance cars
BMW M5 You'll struggle to get any discount on an M5 from a BMW dealer, but will knock 886 off the brochure price of the saloon.

Ford Focus Visit internet broker and pick up the ST from as little as 15,968. That's a minimum saving of 2483. The same 13% discount applies across the entire ST range.

Honda Civic Save up to 1360 on the hot Type R at The internet broker is selling the standard car for 16,715 and the GT model for 17,640.

Volkswagen Polo It's well worth paying a visit if you're after a GTi. You'll save yourself 1578 on the 5dr model.