How to spec a Mercedes A-Class

Our guide to Mercedes' family hatchback covers which version to buy, which options to choose and how much to pay for it all...

How to spec a Mercedes A-Class

The Mercedes A-Class may be the cheapest car its maker sells, but it's loaded with the kind of luxuries and comfort you would normally associate with a far larger, more expensive model. In fact, the A250 petrol model won its price point in the family car class at the 2019 What Car? Awards. Go for this version and you’ll enjoy hot hatchback performance – enough to worry rivals including the Volkswagen Golf GTI in a straight line.

Our full 16-point review can tell you what the A-Class is like to drive and to live with, but here we're focussing on which options you should choose when ordering one. Mercedes groups many of its most popular options together in packages, but which are worth your time and which are more style than substance? That's what we're here to answer.

You’ll get most of the kit you want as standard on AMG Line cars, but here’s what else we’d choose.

Mercedes A-Class front

Metallic paint (£595)

As standard, the A-Class comes with solid white paintwork. To add some visual flare, then, we recommend upgrading to one of the six metallic colours. Each will add value to your car, as well as help you to stand out. 

Mercedes A-Class infotainment screen

Executive package (£1395)

This might look like an expensive upgrade, but it brings a lot of useful extras, including a larger infotainment screen (growing from 7.0in to 10.3in), front and rear parking sensors and heated front seats. 

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