New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

A reliable new Suzuki Vitara is a fine small SUV, but is it better than a posh used alternative Audi Q2 for similar money?...

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

Sometimes you have to stick with reason. When you just want a practical small SUV to cart you and your young family around that doesn’t cost a fortune, and will be totally dependable, you can’t go far wrong with the current Suzuki Vitara. It’s a very likeable vehicle in its own right and gets on with the job with the minimum of fuss. Just look at its third-place class finish in our latest What Car? Reliability survey and you have to agree it’s a thoroughly sensible choice.

But, there’s an emotive side to any car purchase, which is why you could be forgiven for being tempted by a used alternative – particularly if that other choice is blessed with a blue-chip premium badge on the front of its grille. The Audi Q2 isn’t just more desirable, it's classier too. 

So, should you ignore that tiny voice in your head telling you to go for the one that’ll get the neighbours' curtains twitching in favour of the sensible option, or should you just push the boat out for the one you couldn’t afford new? Read on to find out.   

Suzuki Vitara 1.0 Boosterjet SZ-T List Price: £18,999 Target price: £18,175 Official fuel economy: 45.9mpg (WLTP) Emissions: 121g/km CO2 Power: 109bhp 0-62mph: 11.8sec Top speed: 111mph 

Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI Sport Price new: £23,930 Price today: £17,500* Official fuel economy: 51.4mpg (NEDC) Emissions: 124g/km CO2 Power: 148bhp 0-62mph: 8.5sec Top speed: 131mph 

*Price today is based on a 2017 model with average mileage and a full service history

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2 – interior & equipment

It’s a shame we’ve started with this section because this isn’t the Suzuki’s strongest category. Yes, the interior is well screwed together and will last the course, but you’d never describe it as being particularly plush against something from Audi. It is at least logically laid out and very simple to use (if we ignore the infotainment system for the moment), and there is a good range of equipment on SZ-T models including climate and cruise control, rear privacy glass, a 7in touchscreen with sat-nav and a reversing camera.

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

The Q2 has a much nicer interior with soft-touch plastics aplenty in comparison. The layout is similar to that of the regular A3 family car, including the pop-out 7in infotainment screen that adds a touch of drama to proceedings every time you start it up. The equipment list isn’t so generous, even on mid-range Sport models. There are reverse parking sensors (but no camera), manual air-con, automatic lights, sat-nav, an infotainment screen and cruise control. 

That infotainment screen in question might be regarded as being a little on the small side now (although it is actually the same size as the one in the Suzuki) but it’s far easier to use than its rival thanks to easy-to-navigate menus and it can be controlled using a rotary dial behind the gearlever and a series of shortcut buttons. The touchscreen used in the Vitara can be fiddly to use on the move and simply isn’t as well thought out.    

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2 – space & practicality

There’s not much to separate the two in terms of practicality. The Q2 is slightly bigger inside with more head and leg room in the front. The driving position in both cars is nice and high, which is what SUV buyers tend to be looking for, although the Vitara is perhaps slightly easier to place when parking because of a larger back window and slimmer rear pillars.

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

The Q2 is also marginally more spacious in the back, but you’ll still struggle to fit three adults across the rear bench in either car. 

The boot in the Q2 will swallow an extra suitcase with the adjustable boot in its lowest position, and it also benefits from having release handles to fold the rear seats in the leading edge of the boot entrance, while in the Vitara, you must reach over to the back of the seats and flip them forward. 

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