Prii recongised as plural of Prius

* Toyota officially adopts Prii as the plural of Prius * Prii secures 25% of vote in online poll * 1.8 million votes cast in six-week campaign...

Prii recongised as plural of Prius

Toyota claims it has settled a decade-long debate by announcing that the plural of Prius is officially Prii.

The announcement comes at the end of a six-week voting process that started at Januarys Detroit motor show, when the company confirmed that there would be a family of Prius vehicles.

There were more than 1.8 million votes cast in online communities during the Prius Goes Plural campaign, choosing between five options Prius, Prii, Priuses, Prium and Prien.

In the end, Prii came out on top, securing 25% the votes, with Prius in second place, just 1% behind.

Community has always been a big part of the Prius brand, so it was only fitting that we invite the online communities to participate in the plural discussion, said Colin Morisako, advertising manager for Toyota in America. The people have spokenPrii will be the accepted term used to describe multiple Prius vehicles going forward.