Toyota admits Yaris quality criticism

* Feedback focused on interior and ride quality * No plans to make changes until face-lift * Sporty Yaris a 50/50 possibility...

Toyota admits Yaris quality criticism

Toyota has acknowledged criticism of its Yaris supermini, particularly of its interior and ride quality.

This feedback will lead to changes to the car, but these would be minor, according to Yaris engineer Hirofumi Yamamoto.

Reactions to the new car have suggested that the ride comfort and interior quality should be improved, said Yamamoto.

We have plans for minor changes, he said. Once we have got more feedback we have a few plans. These changes would not take place until the Yaris's mid-life face-lift, however, because Toyota is happy with Yaris sales so far.

A senior spokesman pointed out that sales are in line with expectations, and production has been increased to cope with the anticipated increase in demand that the Yaris Hybrid will create.

While all the current engines in the Yaris range are geared towards economy and efficiency, the possibility of a hotter model has not been ruled out.

The arrival of the GT 86 is increasing Toyotas sports car stature in the European market, says Yamamoto, and he admits he would like to make a sportier Yaris. However, the chances of such a car becoming reality are only 50/50 at the moment.

What is not likely is a plug-in hybrid model. Yamamoto said that such a car would not be appropriate for the supermini class due to cost.

Tom Webster