Why I bought a Tesla Model 3 - owner review

Tesla Model 3 owner Paul Brook has owned electrified cars since 2014, but says none have been as desirable as his latest...

Owner review

Car: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Owner’s name: Paul Brook

“I’ve owned electrified vehicles since 2014, and one of the things that stands out when I look back is just how much I’ve learnt in that time. It’s great to be able to share those experiences with people looking to take the step – especially as, so often, the dealer staff don’t have the knowledge or experience to be able to talk anything other than theoretically.

Owner review Tesla Model 3 - Paul Brook

“The first one I had was a Vauxhall Ampera, which gave me the best of both worlds in theory: an engine for when I needed to go further, but the capability to run significant distances on electricity at other times. Well, I kept a record and I averaged 190mpg, so I soon learned that I could live with a full EV pretty simply.

“Even then I was a bit of a petrolhead. I had a Renault Megane RS 250 and loved it. The journey to and from work used just more than a gallon of fuel – not so much, until I saw an advert for a BMW i3 and realised that my £6 bill for fuel each day could be 60p.

“I then spent seven months in a Kia e-Niro. I ran it over 11,000 miles and then sold it on. The depreciation cost me a mere £800 – this gives you an idea of how desirable the hottest electric cars are at the moment. 

“This Tesla has been a revelation on all sorts of other levels. Some might think they need as much range as possible, for instance, but the Supercharger network makes it such a doddle to charge quickly that I just stop and top up more often. If you drive 200 miles and don’t stop, you are pretty foolhardy anyway.

“Beyond that I have never had a car that is such a joy to own, both in terms of being in it and as a talking point. I doubt I could pick my kids up from school in a Ferrari and attract more attention. Tesla must be the hottest car brand on the planet right now, and almost every aspect of ownership delivers on that.

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“Even a hot hatch doesn’t compare for the pleasure it gives me. I can race anything away from the lights up to the speed limit and it won’t cost me a chunk of cash to do it. At other times I can go anywhere in the most serene way you can imagine. The Tesla is far from the cheapest electric car, but the running cost savings made it a no-brainer for me.

“The truth is I couldn’t go back. While I was waiting for the Tesla, I had a stop-gap period in a BMW 330e plug-in hybrid. It’s a great car, but you soon get used to the way an electric car drives and – unconsciously – start to think of everything else as inferior. I love the silence, the torque, the money-saving and the fact I don’t have to breathe in petrol and diesel fumes. As I walk down the street now, I can actually discern the taste of diesel and it just feels wrong.

“I know the saying that EVs aren’t for everyone and I agree with it, but rather than saying they're for 10% now, I’d say it’s closer to 90%. I hear all the reasons why an electric car won’t suit everyone, and can accept some of them – but that’s no reason to jump on social media and run them down. For some people, they are life-changingly positive. My advice would be to drive one; try it for a decent amount of time and then tell me you like visiting fuel stations. I doubt many will.”

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