Ford Transit Custom PHEV review

Costs & verdict

Ford Transit Custom PHEV
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Costs & verdict

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

There’s one major hurdle when it comes to owning a Transit Custom PHEV: its purchase price. It costs almost 85% more than the diesel equivalent. In the long term, though, it'll be will be far cheaper to run, with lower servicing costs than on a diesel and smaller fuel bills, provided you charge the batteries regularly. 

The PHEV is also exempt from the London congestion charge and, due to growing anti-diesel sentiment and increasing interest in green alternatives, the PHEV is also predicted to have stronger residual values than a regular Transit Custom.

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Ford Transit Custom PHEV
Ford Transit Custom PHEV
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Its 60g/km average CO2 emissions make the Transit Custom PHEV a better choice for the environmentally conscious van owner who can’t quite make a full EV fit their needs. The range-extender hybrid allows sensible real world mileage with some zero-emission running, but it comes at a very high price.

  • Better fuel economy than comparable Transit diesel
  • Useful EV driving modes, including pure electric
  • Expensive to buy
  • Poor acceleration on the move