Ford Transit Custom PHEV review


Ford Transit Custom PHEV
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On the inside, there’s little to distinguish the PHEV from the regular Transit Custom, until you look at the dials in the instrument cluster. The most obvious difference is that you get two “fuel” gauges. The left-hand gauge tells you how much charge is left in the battery, and the right hand dial is for the petrol level. 

The rev counter has been replaced by a large dial that shows instantaneous read-outs for battery regeneration or usage, with a green section to show when you are recovering energy and a blue section to illustrate that you are expending energy. 

There’s also a button beside the steering wheel that lets you toggle between the various driving modes.

The Transit Custom has an exceptionally smart and comfortable interior, with the option of an 8-inch touchscreen in the centre of the dash. There's also plenty of storage compartments, although those on top of the dash are open so not ideal for storing valuables. The door bins are split-level with a smaller top section storage area and a deep lower portion that’s big enough for a water bottle.

Ford Transit Custom PHEV
Ford Transit Custom PHEV
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