2017 DS 7 Crossback reader test team review

This rival to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 will go on sale early next year, priced from around £30,000. Will any of our readers be buying it?...

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Kris Culmer
30 Sep 2016 04:00 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Neil Osborn

Age: 57Job: Town planning consultantDrives: Mercedes-AMG C63

2017 DS 7 Crossback reader test team review

“I’m after a new daily car, and while the obvious SUV for me is the Mercedes-Benz GLC, I’m interested to see what DS can do as a brand.

“The 7 Crossback’s shape is pretty generic. The front is distinctive, but the rear is so Audi-like that it’s almost painful. However, there’s lots of very detailed ‘jewellery’ such as the grille and the lights, which are fantastic. Plus, the Active LED system is potentially a real step forward for adaptive lighting.

“Having a leather dashboard, soft-touch materials and good build quality puts the interior up there. In some regards, it’s better than the Porsche Macan’s.

“The bold interior colours on offer are great, because most rivals offer just grey and black. It certainly lives up to DS’s ‘avant-garde’ ambitions.

“The infotainment screen is fantastic; it’s large and you can easily hit the important icons.

“Having previously owned a 3, I know DS’s engines are strong, so it should be good to drive, too.

“Overall, this is a good car to lead DS forward as a brand. Going towards that very French haute couture image is exactly the right thing to do; leave the Germans to do German stuff.”

Rated 4 out of 5

Alex Moores

Age: 35Job: WriterDrives: Volvo XC60

2017 DS 7 Crossback reader test team review

“When I buy a new car, it will be a family SUV to replace my XC60, which is a great all-rounder.

“The 7 Crossback’s technology is great. It has a comprehensive infotainment system on a large screen, and digital instruments.

“You could fit a bicycle in the boot if you folded the rear seats down; it’s bigger than the XC60’s.

“I need to get a child seat in, so I’m pleased there’s lots of room in the back, the ride is high and the door openings are large. The reclining rear seats are great, too.

“Leather seats are a must for a premium car, and I think the quilted look of these makes a positive difference – although I’d be worried about cleaning them.

“I like the continuity of the ‘diamond’ design scheme, which is apparent from the seats to the infotainment to the headlights.

“The front of the car reminds me of the Lexus NX, with that prominent grille. SUVs are so common that it’s hard to stand out, and while the 7 Crossback looks a little familiar, I think it manages to do so quite well.

“It’s a potential deal-breaker that there’s no four-wheel drive; an SUV should be about stability and security. There is a suite of electronic safety aids, though.”

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