25 most unreliable older cars

If you're buying a secondhand car, check our list of the least dependable so you can avoid the models that could let you down...

Nissan Qashqai 1.3 DIG-T N-Connecta [Executive Pack]

5. Nissan Qashqai diesel (2014-2021)

Reliability rating: 46.3%

Faults cropped up in 38% of the Qashqai diesels we were told about, and although 20% were fixed under warranty, 35% cost more than £750 to sort and 15% topped £1500. Problem areas included the air-con, engine, infotainment, battery, engine electrics, fuel system and gearbox/clutch. Still, half of the faults were put right in less than a week.

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4. Land Rover Discovery (2004-2017)

Used Land Rover Discovery front corner

Reliability rating: 45.7%

The Discovery’s score is dragged down by the fact that 52% of the cars we were told about had gone wrong and a third of owners faced bills exceeding £1000. The main fault area was the suspension (27%), followed by the battery and engine (12% each). More than three-quarters of the affected cars could still be driven and were fixed in less than a week.

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3. Nissan Qashqai (2007-2014)

3: Nissan Qashqai (2007 – 2013)

Reliability rating: 45.6%

Although only 19% of older Qashqais had a problem, a third of them were rendered undriveable and 75% were off the road for more than a week. That's why it's the most unreliable older family SUV. The biggest areas of concern were the air-con, battery, brakes, engine and exhaust. A quarter of repair bills cost at least £1000 and many exceeded £1500, although a third of owners got off more lightly, with bills of up to £300. 

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2. BMW X5 (2007-2013)

BMW X5 (07 - 13)

Reliability rating: 42.6%

A shocking 53% of second-generation X5s went wrong, with the brakes, engine and suspension being the biggest concerns. Most repair bills were costly (between £301 and £500) and 9% of owners paid out more than £1500. On the plus side, three-quarters of cars could still be driven and the majority were repaired in less than a week. 

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1. Porsche Macan (2014-present)

Porsche Macan front

Reliability rating: 40.4%

Although the Macan’s fault rate (36%) isn’t among the highest, it finishes last overall because 31% of repair bills exceeded £1500 and around 50% of owners had to pay £201 to £750. On the bright side, four out of five cars were fixed in less than a week, with only 15% needing longer to put right. Problem areas included the gearbox/clutch, engine and non-engine electrics, suspension, brakes, engine and fuel system. 

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