BMW X2 vs Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

The BMW X2 and Jaguar E-Pace both look great and promise a sporty drive. But can they topple our reigning Family SUV of the Year, the Volvo XC40?...

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

Less than £800 separates these SUVs after Target Price discounts have been factored in, with the BMW X2 the cheapest and the Jaguar E-Pace the priciest. But the E-Pace comes loaded to the ceiling with equipment, while the Volvo XC40 also gets plenty of toys, leaving the X2 looking pretty stingily equipped.

The X2 is likely to cost you the least to fuel, but it’ll still be the priciest to run for a private buyer. Hefty insurance and servicing costs don’t help, but it’s the depreciation that takes the biggest toll. The XC40 works out cheapest to run over three years.

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

If you’re buying on PCP finance, the XC40 again works out the cheapest, with the X2 costing £13 more and the E-Pace £60 per month.

Things are very different for company car drivers. Although the E-Pace will keep fleet managers happy with the cheapest monthly leasing rate (the others are about £50 more), choosing the relatively low CO2-emitting X2 will mean sacrificing the least of your salary in benefit-in-kind tax. The XC40 isn’t much more expensive, but running the E-Pace as a company car will cost a 40% taxpayer nearly £2500 more over three years.

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

All three get automatic emergency braking (AEB) as standard, with the XC40 adding lane departure warning. The E-Pace gets these features plus blindspot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and adaptive cruise control.

Each car earned the maximum five stars from Euro NCAP for safety too, with the XC40 having the highest score of the lot.

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