BMW X2 vs Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

The BMW X2 and Jaguar E-Pace both look great and promise a sporty drive. But can they topple our reigning Family SUV of the Year, the Volvo XC40?...

BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace and Volvo XC40

Our verdict

Despite the best efforts of BMW and Jaguar, the Volvo XC40 triumphs once again. Considering these SUVs will mostly be bought as family cars, it’s hard to ignore the extra space you get inside for people and luggage. Real thought has gone into the layout of the interior, and it’s really well screwed together.

But the XC40 isn’t just a big box; it’s also a comfortable and refined way of getting from A to B in a totally unflustered manner.

But what if you want to get your blood pumping a little faster on your daily slog? Then it’s worth looking at the BMW X2. It may be pricier and less practical than the BMW X1 on which it’s based, but there’s no finer-handling car in this class. It’s also pretty rapid in a straight line and has class-leading infotainment.

So that leaves the Jaguar E-Pace in last place. It’s very well equipped, but its fidgety ride, sluggish performance and below-par interior quality prevent it from standing out.

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1st – Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 rear

For Roomiest; best boot; decent performance; well equipped; comfiest

Against Average infotainment; seats could be more flexible

Recommended options Metallic paint (£575), keyless entry (£350), Convenience Pack (£350)

What Car? rating 5/5

Volvo XC40 review

Volvo XC40 deals

2nd – BMW X2

BMW X2 rear

For Quick; sharp handling; high-quality interior; top infotainment

Against Cramped rear; least re¬fined at all speeds; stiff ride; expensive to run; poor visibility

Recommended options Metallic paint (£550), Tech Pack (£1260)

What Car? rating 3/5

BMW X2 review

BMW X2 deals

3rd – Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace

For Lots of safety kit; well equipped; good driving position

Against Jittery ride; sluggish performance; expensive to buy and run; poor interior quality

Recommended options Metallic paint (£615)

What Car? rating 3/5

Jaguar E-Pace review

Jaguar E-Pace deals

Specifications: BMW X2 xDrive20d M Sport

  • Engine size 4cyl, 1995cc, diesel
  • List price £38,345
  • Target Price £36,197
  • Power 187bhp @ 4000rpm
  • Torque 295Ib ft @ 1750-2500rpm
  • Gearbox 8-spd automatic
  • 0-60mph 7.6sec
  • Top speed 137mph
  • Gov't fuel economy 45.6-48.7mpg (WLTP)
  • CO2 emissions 126g/km

Specifications: Jaguar E-Pace D180 AWD SE auto

  • Engine size 4cyl, 1999cc, diesel
  • List price £38,465
  • Target Price £36,983
  • Power 178bhp @ 4000rpm
  • Torque 317Ib ft @ 1750rpm
  • Gearbox 9-spd automatic
  • 0-60mph 9.2sec
  • Top speed 127mph
  • Gov't fuel economy 36.1-39.4mpg
  • CO2 emissions 147g/km

Specifications: Volvo XC40 D4 R-Design Pro

  • Engine size 4cyl, 1969cc, diesel
  • List price £38,235
  • Target Price £36,753
  • Power 187bhp @ 4000rpm
  • Torque 295Ib ft @ 1750-3000rpm
  • Gearbox 8-spd automatic
  • 0-60mph 8.4sec
  • Top speed 130mph
  • Gov't fuel economy 39.8-44.1mpg (WLTP)
  • CO2 emissions 133g/km