Deal of the day: Land Rover Discovery Landmark

Save more than £2800 on the Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6 Landmark...

Deal of the day: Land Rover Discovery Landmark

Only a few days have passed since Land Rover spruced up the Discovery lineup with the new Graphite and Landmark models, but already a sizeable saving can be made on the plusher of the two.

The Discovery Graphite is based on the top-spec HSE model, but gets interior and exterior upgrades. The list price might be on the scary side of £55,000, but the £2866 saving on offer at least softens this.

The car Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6 Landmark
The saving £2866
The discounted price £53,164
The online broker


Refinement is excellent, with only minimal wind noise coming into the cabin as a result of car’s tall shape.

This top-spec edition means all manner of luxuries are included in the price, so there's no need for options.

The Discovery is a spacious seven-seater with plenty of room for passengers, and practicality is only an issue if you need both seven seats and a lot of luggage space.


It's luxurious, but it's expensive. While this discount helps, it's still costly to buy and run, and you'll have to pay top whack for company car tax.

Should I add any options?

The spec means very few options are available, and we don’t recommend adding anything,

What next?

Head to then search for ‘Land Rover’ and ‘Discovery' from the drop down menus to see the full range of deals available.

By Jimi Beckwith