Deal of the day: Seat Ibiza SC

* We've found a massive £3000 of the Seat Ibiza SC * Comes with the punchy 1.4-litre turbo petrol for great performance * Lots of standard equipment including sat-nav and air-con...

Deal of the day: Seat Ibiza SC

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The car: Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 TSI ACT FR 3dr
The saving: £3044
The discounted price: £12,451
The broker:

The Seat Ibiza is based on the same platform that underpins the Volkswagen Polo and is available with the same excellent Volkswagen Group engines. Our favourite version is the borderline hot hatch 1.4-litre TSI ACT FR. This comes with the 138bhp motor that can shut down two of its cylinders when not needed to save fuel.

It controls its body well and is supple over most bumps. Through corners, it’s grippy and responds predictably and safely to your inputs. It’s also easy to get comfortable as the driver with plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel and all of the major controls are laid out in a logical manner.

The Ibiza shouldn’t cost that much to run in the long-term. All of its engines are efficient and the costs of servicing and insuring the car should be fairly low. Resale values are reasonably competitive for the class and it won’t incur much road tax.

FR trim gets plenty of fancy upgrades to make your Ibiza feel a little more special. Key among which is the standard Seat Portable navigation system, which is very easy to use and responsive to the touch. It also gets air-conditioning, an MP3/CD player, sports seats and lowered suspension.

Despite its sporty pretentions, the Ibiza isn’t as engaging a car to drive as a Ford Fiesta, which steers and rides a little better. Road noise is reasonably well suppressed but there’s a great deal of wind noise at speed, which makes long journeys difficult.

Its cabin simply isn’t as nice as a Volkswagen Polo’s. There are lots of hard, scratchy plastics in the cabin that feel cheap to the touch. Equally, rear seat passengers will have to sit in quite a contorted position to fit as the roof curves downwards and there’s not a lot of rear legroom. Rear seat access in the three door isn’t great either.

The issue for the Ibiza is simply that, while it’s not a bad car, the strength of the competition is so high that it cannot help but be sidelined. This combined with the fact the Ibiza has been out for a while now does mean, however, that you can get some big discounts.

Should I add any options?
Since the drop in price in this deal is significant, helping it undercut the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta, we’d avoid increasing the price any farther.

FR trim comes with lots of standard equipment including sat-nav and air-conditioning so you’re unlikely to be left wanting.

What next?
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