Electric cars coming soon: Porsche Taycan

Electric vehicles still account for a tiny proportion of car sales, but that could soon change, because these upcoming models push the boundaries of performance, range and desirability...

2020 Porsche Taycan driving
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30 Aug 2019 08:20

Porsche Taycan

On sale January 2020 Price from £115,858

Most of the high-end electric cars on sale or coming soon are styled to look like SUVs, but Porsche is going a different way, building a four-wheel-drive, four-door coupé powered by two electric motors.

Called the Taycan, it’s powered by two electric motors that produce 616bhp in standard 'Turbo' form and 750bhp in the Turbo S version. Given the car’s exterior styling and four-seat interior, you might assume that it will be closer to the Panamera than the 911 in terms of the way it drives. However, the Taycan’s floor-mounted batteries give it a lower centre of gravity than either of these conventionally powered Porsches and, as a result, improved handling. You can read our full review of the Taycan here.

2020 Porsche Taycan rear

The Taycan is the first car to use an 800-volt electrical system, enabling charging at up to 270kW. Charging points capable of delivering that amount of charge are few and far between at the moment, but they are expected to grow in popularity since they can dramatically cut down on charging times. Indeed, when receiving this rate, the Taycan can get a full charge in less than 20 minutes.

Inside the Taycan, you'll find a 16.8in digital instrument panel, plus a 10.9in infotainment screen. Below that, there's a separate screen for the climate controls. You can even opt for a separate infotainment screen for the front passenger via the options list.

Porsche plans to give the Taycan Level 4 autonomous driving technology down the line; that equates to self-driving in nearly all situations, with driver attention not always required. “There are situations in traffic jams where you will be able to read a newspaper,” Porsche chairman Oliver Blume explained, “but our customers take pleasure from driving and this will remain.”

The name ‘Taycan’ translates loosely as ‘lively, young horse’ – a nod to Porsche’s badge, which has featured a leaping horse since 1952.

The German brand revealed a more rugged version of the Taycan at the Geneva motor show last March. The Mission E Cross Turismo concept is based on the same platform as the Taycan but features a raised ride height and an estate-style body. It’s likely to follow the regular Taycan into production in 2022.

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