Least reliable used cars with more than 60,000 miles

Should you buy a high-mileage car, or are you simply taking on someone else's problem child? We reveal the most reliable higher-mileage choices and the models to avoid...

7 reasons to buy a Volvo XC60

3. Volvo XC60 2008-2017

What Car? Reliability Rating 39.3%

Almost 26% of XC60s suffered a fault, with owners reporting the most issues concerning engine and non-engine electrics, the exhaust system and the suspension. Virtually all cars could still be driven, but while some were fixed under warranty, others racked up bills exceeding £1500.  

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2. Nissan Qashqai diesel 2007-2013

What Car? Reliability Rating 30.9%

Nissan Qashqai (07 - 13)

Fewer Qashqai diesel owners reported faults (24%), but the problem areas included the brakes, engine, exhaust, fuel system, gearbox, suspension, wheels and air conditioning system. Two thirds of cars remained driveable, but some repair bills topped £1500. 

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1. Volkswagen Passat 2011-2015

What Car? Reliability Rating 16.6%

Used test – SUV vs estate: Audi Q5 vs Volkswagen Passat Alltrack vs Volvo XC60

A shocking 42% of Passats suffered a fault, according to owners, with non-engine electrics the biggest gripe, followed by the brakes and engine. Around a third of cars were rendered undriveable and some owners were faced with bills of up to £1000. 

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Top 10 most reliable cars with more than 60,000 miles   Reliability Rating
1. Ford Fiesta petrol 2008-2017 89.9%
2. Honda Civic diesel 2006-2012 89.8%
3. Ford Focus diesel 2011-2018 89.6%
4. Toyota Avensis 2003-2009 89.5%
5. BMW 3 Series 2012-2018 88.7%
6. Skoda Octavia diesel 2004-2013 85.3%
7. Honda Civic petrol 2006-2012 83.7%
8. Kia Cee'd 2007-2012 83.6%
9. Toyota Avensis 2009-2015 82.3%
10. Toyota RAV4 2006-2013 81.9%

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