Most (and least) reliable older luxury SUVs

If you want a luxury SUV, you'll save money with a used model, but it'll be costly if it's prone to faults. So, here we reveal the most and least dependable older models...

Most and least reliable older luxury SUVs

Luxury SUVs are hugely desirable, but cost a lot when new, so the idea of buying used is very tempting. However, they can be painfully expensive if they go wrong, so here we've compiled a list of the most and least dependable models, based on information from our latest Reliability Survey.

As part of the survey, owners were asked to tell us if their vehicle had suffered a fault in the previous 12 months. If it had, we asked them what part of the car was affected, how long it took for the issue to be resolved and, crucially, how much it cost. Using all that information, we've given each model a unique reliability rating.

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The four most reliable older luxury SUVs

4. Volkswagen Touareg (2010-2018)

Volkswagen Touareg

Reliability rating 69.8%

Owners told us that 30% of their Touaregs had suffered a fault, with the battery and engine the two main culprits. There were also some reports of issues in a number of other areas, including the air-con, bodywork, brakes, electrics and fuel system. The good news is that three-quarters of cars could still be driven and all were fixed in less than a week. Impressively for such an old model, 17% of cars were repaired for free, and most bills ranged from £200 to £500. 

Volvo XC90

Reliability rating 75.0%

Faults were reported on 23% of the XC90s we were told about. The most frequent trouble-spots were the air-con, brakes, engine electrics and steering. About half the problems were rectified in a day or less and only one in five cars spent more than a week off the road. While 9% of work was done for free, other bills ranged from £51 to £1000.

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2. Range Rover Sport (2013-present)

Range Rover Sport '15 plate front corner

Reliability rating 76.5%

Only 13% of Range Rover Sport owners reported a fault on their car, with the bodywork, gearbox/clutch and engine electrics being the most common gripes. A quarter of those cars were undriveable and two-thirds spent more than a week off the road. Almost half the work was done for free, but 9% of bills totalled £1000 to £1500. 

BMW X5 2015 front

Reliability rating 86.1%

The previous-generation X5 is pretty dependable. Although 29% of the cars surveyed went wrong, four out of five could still be driven and nearly two-thirds were put right within a day. The most common problem area was the exhaust, followed by the air-con and engine electrics. While 20% of work was done under warranty, the rest cost between £50 and more than £1500.

Owner comment: “My car has been reliable except for an occasional exhaust sensor error message, but that didn’t cause a breakdown.” 

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