New Renault Captur vs Ford Puma vs Skoda Kamiq: costs

As the latest member of the small SUV club, the new Renault Captur's first challenge is to try and gain the upper hand over five-star rivals from Ford and Skoda...


Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

If you’re taking out a PCP finance deal, the Captur is your cheapest option. Put down £2500 and, thanks in part to a £1000 deposit contribution from Renault at the time of writing, you’ll pay £218 per month over three years with a 10,000-mile annual cap. Skoda offers a £2000 contribution, but you’ll still pay £242 per month, while Ford has no special deals on the in-demand Puma, so it’s the priciest, at £274 per month.

If you’re buying outright, you’ll find hefty discounts on the Kamiq, allowing it to undercut the Puma and Captur. Indeed, if you look at all your running costs over three years, the Kamiq works out cheapest, with the Puma costing an extra £1600 and the Captur slightly more again.

Renault Captur side panning - orange 69-plate car

For company car drivers in the 40% tax bracket, just £4 separates the monthly benefit-in-kind cost of all three. As for real-world fuel economy, the Puma managed 43.5mpg during our test, the Kamiq 41.6mpg and the Captur a disappointing 39.0mpg.

When it comes to equipment, the Kamiq is adequate rather than generous. It’s the only car here without climate control and sat-nav, for example. In most other respects, the Captur is the most stingily equipped and there aren’t a great deal of options you can add. That leaves the Puma with the longest roster of kit, which includes a heated windscreen, massaging front seats and wireless phone charging.

Skoda Kamiq side panning - blue 69-plate car

All get automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance to stop you from straying over white lines. And each received five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests, although the Puma isn’t quite as good as its rivals at protecting adults in an impact.

The Puma and Kamiq get three-year/60,000-mile warranties, the Captur five years/100,000 miles. All three cars are too new to be featured in our latest reliability survey, but Skoda as a brand came ninth out of 31, Ford 14th and Renault a lowly 30th.

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