New Skoda Superb iV vs used BMW 530e: which is best?

A new and entirely sensible plug-in Skoda Superb, or a luxurious used BMW 5 Series for similar money? Which would you choose?...

Skoda Superb iV

New Skoda Superb iV vs used BMW 530e – alternatives

The most obvious alternative to a new plug-in Superb is a Volkswagen Passat GTE, a car with which the Skoda has much in common with, including its engine, battery pack and interior technology. Both are big inside, but the Superb is more practical as it has a hatchback-style rear tailgate with a bigger opening to allow for larger objects to be loaded.

New Skoda Superb iV vs used BMW 530e: – alternatives

There isn’t much to challenge a used BMW 530e; if you want something similarly premium, you’ll actually have to spend more money. The Mercedes E300de costs about £5000 more, but allows you to travel further on electricity because it has a bigger battery pack, plus its  diesel engine makes it much more economical on a long run once you’re out of volts.

New Skoda Superb iV vs used BMW 530es – which is best?

It’s a tricky one to call because both cars are award winners in their own right. If we had compared conventionally powered versions of the Superb and 5 Series, it would the BMW that would clinch victory easily, but because of the practicality compromises of the 530e, the Superb has been able to close the gap. 

New Skoda Superb iV vs used BMW 530e: – rear

Ultimately, the 530e is still the better overall car, and the one you’d most desire to own. It would only be on those rare occasions when you had a carload of people and their luggage that you’d want the Superb instead. The also 530e still works out to be marginally cheaper to own, despite its extra road tax costs, because it is cheaper to buy in the first place.   

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