New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

Two five-star cars battle it out, but would you rather have a new Skoda Superb or a lightly used BMW 5 Series for similar money?...

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

If you gave the data of both the Skoda Superb and the BMW 5 Series to a computer and told it to pick a winner, it would probably go into meltdown. That’s because both of these competitors are five-star cars according to us here at What Car?, since both are big, classy vehicles that are refined on the motorway, handle in a tidy fashion on smaller roads and are well-equipped.

Superb 5 Series front

If they were both new, then said computer would probably plump for the Skoda due to it being more affordable. However, we’ve pitched our preferred 2.0 TDI SE Technology Superb against a lightly used 520d SE 5 Series, that’s has now depreciated to a similar price to the Skoda. The question is now whether or not that key bit of data is enough to overturn such a result? Read on to find out. 

Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150 SE Technology DSG auto List Price: £27,270 Target price: £27,270 Official fuel economy: 54.3mpg (WLTP) Emissions: 103g/km CO2 Power: 148bhp 0-62mph: 9.1sec Top speed: 136mph 

BMW 5 Series 520d SE auto Price new: £38,710 Price today: £25,000* Official fuel economy: 52.3mpg (WLTP) Emissions: 117g/km CO2 Power: 187bhp 0-62mph: 7.3sec Top speed: 146mph 

*Price today is based on a 2018 model with average mileage and a full service history

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – interior & equipment

There’s little to choose between the two in terms of equipment since they all get 17in alloys, leather trim, heated front seats, sat nav, front and rear parking sensors, DAB radio, dual-zone climate and automatic lights and wipers. The Skoda does give you adaptive cruise and blindspot monitoring, while the BMW has brighter LED headlights.

Superb 5 Series interior

However, the differences emerge when you simply take a look at both interior. The Skoda is very well put together and pretty smart looking for an executive car, but compared with the plusher materials of the BMW and the larger 10.2in infotainment system along with a digital instrument cluster, it just looks the more luxurious and slicker of the two.

True, you don’t get Android Auto smartphone connectivity with the BMW (only a Bluetooth connection for Apple CarPlay), but because you can operate the system using a rotary controller and physical shortcut buttons, it’s much easier to get on with than the touchscreen only interface of the Skoda’s smaller 8.0in screen, particularly when on the move. 

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – space & practicality

The tables turn in favour of the Skoda in this section because it is such a vast car on the inside. There’s storage space galore up front, an air conditioned glove box, space for your sunglasses and even a couple of umbrellas in the rear doors. For cold, frosty mornings, Skoda has even provided an ice scraper come magnifying glass to help you out.

Superb 5 Series boot

In the front of the BMW you will also have plenty of room, but it doesn’t have quite as much storage space, particularly in the door pocket area. There are plenty of places to hide phones and other technology, with USB ports in a lidded cubby in front of the gearbox.

You’d also need to be an outrageously tall American basketball player to feel short of space sitting on the rear bench in a Superb. It’s much more accommodating than the BMW, which is also hampered by a large central tunnel that a middle bench passenger will have to straddle. 

Superb 5 Series rear seats

The BMW doesn't have any tricks up its sleeves in the boot section because it is hampered by a small opening, and the fact that split folding rear seats were an option when new. If overall volume is what you’re after, then the Superb is the clear winner since you get 100 litres more room overall (625 litres according to official figures).

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