New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

Two five-star cars battle it out, but would you rather have a new Skoda Superb or a lightly used BMW 5 Series for similar money?...

BMW 5 Series

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – alternatives

Due to heavy discounts, it is possible to get a really highly specced Ford Mondeo for buttons, even new. The only issue is that it isn’t as spacious as the Skoda Superb plus the interior of the Mondeo is a bit bland and the infotainment system isn’t a patch on Skoda’s.

Superb vs 5 Series - alternatives

If you really wanted to class it up, then try a Mercedes E-Class over a BMW 5 Series. The boot is massive and you won’t have any complaints from anyone who has to sit in the back. It's not as entertaining to drive, but then you shouldn’t go hooning it around with passengers in the back, can you?

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – which is best?

It’s been a good match between these two, but in the end, it’s the more prestigious BMW 5 Series that gets the nod over the Skoda Superb. That car is still great as a new car buy, and is the most practical overall, but the sheer value of the 5 Series is impossible to ignore. And let’s not forget that the 520d SE example we found saves you a lot of money over its new price, plus it’ll be worth a lot more than the Skoda Superb when you come to sell, meaning you’ll be able to afford something nicer next time around without having to wipe-out your savings. All-in-all, if you’ve gotten less than £30,000 to spend, a nearly new BMW 5 Series is hard to beat.