New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

Two five-star cars battle it out, but would you rather have a new Skoda Superb or a lightly used BMW 5 Series for similar money?...

Skoda Superb

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – driving

This is getting to be a particularly good volley between these two. The BMW is the far faster car in the real world since it has a 187bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine against the 148bhp 2.0-litre of the Skoda. Not even the fast acting seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox of that car can make up the difference in acceleration times compared with the BMW.

That gearbox in the Skoda is noticeably more hesitant than the eight-speed automatic of the BMW, and this can be of particular annoyance when joining a busy road or roundabout. You’ll enjoy a far smoother drive in the 5 Series, plus its engine is that fraction bit more refined under load.

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

Wind and road noise are subdued better in the BMW, making it a bit more relaxing as a long distance cruiser. Not that the Skoda ever feels particularly unsuited to such driving in isolation, it just isn’t quite as polished as the 5 Series, with more suspension noise over motorway expansion joints, for example.

The ride in the Skoda can also feel a touch floaty over undulations at speed, whereas the BMW feels more tied down to the road. Mind you, the tranquility of the BMW can be spoiled if you find an M Sport model with sports suspension and bigger alloy wheels. It’s best to seek a standard SE car with smaller 17in wheels for a more supple ride, although an example sporting adaptive dampers is well worth having since you can set the suspension to Comfort mode for a softer ride.

Superb vs 5 Series side

Both contenders offer plenty of grip and never feel like they’ll cause you any grief if you go into a corner carrying a little too much speed. The rear-wheel drive BMW is the nicer of the two to thread through a series of bends because it feels more engaging than the rather safe and slightly dull front-wheel drive Skoda.

New Skoda Superb vs used BMW 5 Series – costs

Remarkably, both the Skoda and the BMW are likely to hold on to their value equally well. However, the 5 Series cost more when it was new, so it’s predicted to be worth £15,871 after three years and 36,000 miles compared with the £10,908 of the Superb.

Fortunately, the BMW’s wasn’t expensive enough to breach the £40,000 threshold for road tax, so it’ll cost you just as much as the Skoda at £145.

Superb vs 5 Series infotainment

Servicing is also likely to be more expensive for the BMW compared with the Skoda, and fuel cost are apparently better for the Skoda at 54.3mpg versus 52.3mpg for the BMW.

There’s little to choose between the two models for reliability because the Superb scored 92.8%, while the 5 Series got 92.6%. There was a difference between the brands, though, because Skoda came 9th out of a class of 31 manufacturers; BMW, meanwhile, was down in 21st.