New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

A reliable new Suzuki Vitara is a fine small SUV, but is it better than a posh used alternative Audi Q2 for similar money?...

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New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2 – alternatives

Remarkably, you can buy a well-specced SE version of the Volkswagen T-Cross for similar money to a mid-range SZ-T Vitara. It drives really well and has an added dose of refinement that the Suzuki is sadly missing, plus it has far more flexible rear seats that slide and recline for extra passenger comfort.

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

There isn’t really another premium alternative to the Audi Q2 yet on the used market, but you could go for a slightly older and slightly bigger BMW X1 for not much more. Diesel versions are the ones to go for because of the extra efficiency (particularly in two-wheel-drive sDrive form) and the standard equipment list is surprisingly generous. 

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2 – which is best?

The Suzuki Vitara is a really worthy option if you’re in the market for a small SUV, but we prefer it in entry-level SZ4 guise for under £17,000, rather than this mid-range SZ-T. The trouble is, an SZ4 would really trail the Audi in terms of specification – it doesn’t even get an infotainment screen, using instead a radio that looks like it’s come from the 1990s. 

New Suzuki Vitara vs used Audi Q2: which is best?

As it stands, the Audi Q2 is the winner of this test because you end up getting a better package for your money, and while it doesn’t have the warranty coverage of the Suzuki, it is cheaper in the first place to make up for that. Not only that, but it’s faster, better to drive and (something to satisfy the logical side of your brain) more practical too. A great small SUV choice, in other words.   

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