Skoda Superb vs Ford Mondeo vs Volvo S60

The latest Skoda Superb offers class-leading space, but is it a better choice than the Ford Mondeo and Volvo S60?...

Skoda Superb vs Ford Mondeo vs Volvo S60
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6 Dec 2015 20:20

What will they cost?

All three cars are prime candidates for anyone looking for a frugal, comfortable and well-specified company car. The Ford Mondeo, however, is much more costly than its rivals, because of its higher CO2 emissions and list price; you’ll pay almost £1000 more in company car tax over three years than you would if you’d opted for the Skoda Superb.

The Volvo S60 is even cheaper, thanks to its even lower emissions, but it doesn’t drop enough tax bands to put significant distance between it and the Superb. Compared with the Skoda you’ll save a little more than £100 in a three-year period, which isn’t enough given the trade-offs elsewhere.

Skoda Superb vs Ford Mondeo vs Volvo S60

It’s a slightly different story for cash buyers, who will have to fork out the most for the S60 after discounts, with it setting them back an extra £366 over the Mondeo and almost £3000 over the Superb.

During True MPG testing the Mondeo and S60 returned 45.1mpg and 51.3mpg respectively. We weren’t able to test the Superb, but if it returned similar results to the other two it would be the cheapest of the trio for private buyers. The Mondeo would be the most expensive, by a substantial stretch, in part because of its heavy depreciation.

Skoda Superb vs Ford Mondeo vs Volvo S60

All three of these cars come with a decent amount of equipment, including sat-nav, climate control and cruise control. The newer Superb and Mondeo are predictably the more generously equipped cars, however, and they also include some more upmarket features. For example, the Skoda comes with adaptive cruise control as standard, while the Ford gets traffic sign recognition.

The Superb and Mondeo are also highly rated on the safety front, earning the full five stars from Euro NCAP, while the Mondeo is the only car here that is offered with the option of automatically inflating rear outer seatbelts, which further improve safety.

The current S60 is yet to be crash-tested, although the company usually has an impressive safety record.

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