The 10 fastest-depreciating cars 2022

The current shortage of new cars has pushed up used prices, but there are still some models that lose a huge proportion of their value over three years...

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo depreciation

Depreciation is often overlooked when people are deciding what car to buy. But while other running costs, such as fuel consumption, servicing and road tax, are important, they rarely add up to as much as the amount a new car loses in value over the first few years of ownership.

True, depreciation isn't all bad news; if you're buying used and choose carefully, it can allow you to get a lot of car for your money. Just bear in mind that a car that loses a lot of value initially is likely to continue depreciating faster than rivals.

Here, then, we've used our latest resale value data to reveal the 10 models that are expected to lose the highest percentage of their original price in the first three years. All figures are based on the trade-in value for an example that's covered 36,000 miles.

10. Maserati Ghibli

Model V8 Trofeo List price £107,420 36k/3yr resale value £41,400 Price drop £66,020 Retained value 38.54%

Maserati Ghibli Trofeo 2022 front

The Ghibli looks special and could be the departure from the norm some buyers seek, especially in V8 Trofeo form. However, this is one of those instances where standing out carries a high price – specifically, £66k in depreciation over three years.

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9. DS 9

Model 1.6 Puretech 225 Rivoli List price £44,705 36k/3yr resale value £16,750 Price drop £27,955 Retained value 37.47%

DS 9 2022 front

Most people in the market for a prestige saloon buy from one of the big German brands, which explains why our residual value experts expect this little-known French model to suffer heavy depreciation. The fact that it's inferior to drive probably doesn't help its cause, either.

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8. Audi S6

Model TDI 344 quattro Vorsprung List price £80,640 36k/3yr resale value £30,100 Price drop £50,540 Retained value 37.32%

Audi A6 Saloon 2021 front right tracking

This is the fastest saloon version of the Audi A6, but it doesn't offer the standout looks of the RS6 estate and isn't particularly exciting to drive. The fact that it has a diesel engine is also a problem, given how the fuel has been demonised.

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7. BMW 8 Series Convertible

Model 840i sDrive M Sport List price £83,975 36k/3yr resale value £31,200 Price drop £52,775 Retained value 37.15%

BMW 8 Series Convertible front

Like the Ghibli and S6, the BMW 8 Series Convertible shows that a well established premium badge doesn't guarantee strong resale values, but there's still a lot to like about it. Performance is effortless, it handles surprisingly well for such a big drop-top, and its infotainment system is the best around.

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6. Fiat 500C

Model 1.0 Red List price £19,395 36k/3yr resale value £7200 Price drop £12,195 Retained value 37.12%

Fiat 500C 2020 RHD right panning

Lots of people love the 500's retro styling, so it's a huge seller. However, that's a double-edged sword for this older (and not particularly efficient) mild hybrid version, with the sheer number of secondhand examples out there pushing down values.

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5. Peugeot 108

Model 1.0 72 Collection List price £14,960 36k/3yr resale value £5550 Price drop £9410 Retained value 37.10%

Used Peugeot 108 14-present

As a city car, you'd expect the 108 to feel nimble in town, and it doesn't disappoint. What's more it's very cheap to run – right up until the point when you sell it and you see how much you've lost in depreciation.

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4. Lexus LS

Model 500h List price £82,125 36k/3yr resale value £28,850 Price drop £53,275 Retained value 35.12%

Lexus LS 500h 2022 front

Lexus's flagship saloon offers hybrid power, a high-quality interior and loads of standard equipment. However, it's let down by its lumpy ride, disappointing engine refinement and weak resale values.

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3. Fiat Tipo

Model 1.0 List price £19,595 36k/3yr resale value £6850 Price drop £12,745 Retained value 34.96%

Fiat Tipo 2022 front

The Tipo family hatchback is spacious and safe, plus big discounts are available if you buy through our free New Car Buying service. You'll need every penny you can save upfront, though, to offset what you'll lose in the first three years.

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2. Maserati Quattroporte

Model V8 Trofeo List price £130,140 36k/3yr resale value £44,525 Price drop £85,615 Retained value 34.21%

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo 2022 front

The Quattroporte is supposed to be a sporty take on the luxury saloon, but in reality it doesn't feel especially sharp. What's more, the ride can be brittle and the infotainment system feels dated. All of this makes it easy to understand why it depreciates as quickly as the V8 Trofeo version accelerates.

1. Audi A8

Model 50 TDI quattro Vorsprung L List price £102,935 36k/3yr resale value £34,075 Price drop £68,860 Retained value 33.10%

Audi A8 L 2022 front

Sometimes you just don't get what you deserve in life. The A8 is more refined than its chief rival, the Mercedes S-Class, plus its ride is incredibly supple and the interior feels like it's been constructed to the very highest standards. Yet despite all these strengths, it loses a higher proportion of its value than any other car currently on sale.

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