True MPG: most efficient hybrid cars

Petrol prices are high right now, but fortunately our independent tests show what MPG you can really expect from a car. Here, we reveal the best-performing hybrids we've ever tested...

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The official MPG figures published in sales brochures can tempt you into buying a particular car, but those results are often misleading. So, What Car? carries out its own True MPG tests that reveal the sort of fuel economy you can expect in real-world use.

To ensure accuracy and repeatability, we use strictly controlled conditions, with the tests simulating a mix of town, rural and motorway driving.

As a result, they reflect what's achievable if you’re driving gently and sticking to speed limits but aren’t resorting to any unrealistic fuel-saving techniques.

In this slideshow, we count down the top 10 hybrids we've tested that you don't have to plug in, and reveal the top performer.