Used Volkswagen Polo (09-18) long-term review

Does buying the last of the previous-generation Volkswagen Polo make more financial sense than a new one, and how does a small 1.0-litre engine cope with a myriad of real-world driving conditions...

Used Volkswagen Polo (09-18) long-term reviewImage 1 of 8
  • The car 2017 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 75 Match Edition
  • Run by Max Adams, used cars reporter
  • Why it’s here To find out if buying the old model makes good sense compared with the latest model
  • Needs to Cope with the daily commute on a mixture of motorway, dual carriageway and town traffic, along with occasional long-distance trips, and prove itself against the latest model

Price when new £15,505 Price on arrival £11,650 Approx value now £11,650 Mileage on arrival 2276 Mileage now 3755 Test fuel economy 52.0mpg Official fuel economy 58.9mpg

Prices based on a standard car with no optional extras

14 March 2018 – old vs new

When a new VW Polo came into the office, I jumped at the chance to try it. I compared our used Polo with a new Up in the last report, but I was curious to find out what the latest version of my car is like.

To be fair, this isn’t a like-for-like comparison. The new Polo provided to us was the least expensive version, a 64bhp 1.0-litre S model with a base price of £13,855 (£14,695 with a couple of options). The specification was, therefore, some way off our generously appointed Match variant.

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