Volvo XC40 long-term test review

The Volvo XC40 saw off all comers to be named the 2018 What Car? Car of the Year. We’ve added one to our long-term test fleet to see if it’s as impressive when you live with it every day...

Long-term Volvo XC40 with classic Porsche 911
  • The car: Volvo XC40 D4 First Edition
  • Run by: Steve Huntingford, editor
  • Why it’s here: To see if this class-leading family SUV has any flaws that weren’t obvious when we group-tested it against rivals
  • Needs to: Offer outstanding comfort and practicality, a quality interior and low running costs

Price £39,905 Price as tested £39,905 Miles 4500 Official economy 56.5mpg Test economy 38.2mpg Options fitted None

12 July 2018 – trip to Le Mans

It may well have passed you by, given that it had to compete with England vs Sweden and the British Grand Prix, but the Le Mans Classic motor race was held last weekend, and my XC40 was drafted in as a support car.

Not for the actual race, I hasten to add, but for the classic cars driven down there by colleagues from What Car? sister title PistonHeads.

Just over 750 miles and three days later, they returned raving about how comfortable and stable the XC40 had been, and how useful it was to have digital instruments that could be reconfigured from mph to km/h when driving in France.

Volvo XC40 long-term test review

They did say that the lane-keeping assistance took a bit of getting used to, because it placed the car farther to left of the lane than felt natural. But the only thing that really disappointed was the fuel economy; the XC40 averaged just 38.2mpg, despite them cruising at a respectable 100km/h (or 62mph in Queen's English).

Despite this, one of them was so impressed that he said he'd now definitely consider an XC40 when it's time to replace his car. Apparently, it's either that or a new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

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