What Car? Personal Shopper: best hybrid car for less than £23,000

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What Car? team
14 September 2017

What Car? Personal Shopper: best hybrid car for less than £23,000

Our recommendation – buy new

Looking at the amount of kit you'd be getting with the plug-in hybrid BMW 3 Series featured on the previous page, we can see why your head might be turned. And what a car you'd be getting, too: luxurious, quick and comfortable.

For our money, though, we'd go for the new Hyundai Ioniq instead; it's spacious, it will cost very little to tax and run and it has a plenty of space inside. Plus, there are no charging cables to worry about; the electric motor and petrol engine will work in tandem for most of the time, with small bursts of electric power around town. The fact that it comes with an impressive five-year warranty seals the deal on what is, this time, a very close contest.

Our recommendation this time, then, is to buy new.

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