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Peugeot 2008 review

Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space

The 2008 has enough room to seat two tall adults with ease; head and leg room are all reasonably generous. However, head room in the 2008 is limited when the car is fitted with a panoramic roof, and shoulder room is poor by the class standards. All of the 2008’s rivals are good in these departments, with at least a comparable amount of room on offer.

There are two cupholders ahead of the gearlever, and each door has a pocket big enough to accept a 1.0-litre water bottle, although it won’t secure it in place. The 2008’s glovebox is also relatively small, so you won’t fit much more than the driver’s manual inside.

That said, instead of an armrest between the front seats, Peugeot has fitted a large cubbyhole covered by a sliding cover, which is perfect for storing your phone, keys and wallet.

Peugeot 2008

Rear space

The 2008 is spacious in the back when compared with other small SUVs such as the Nissan Juke. Two tall adults have good head room, and leg room is also good if those in the front seats aren’t too tall. However, seating three adults across the rear seats might be asking a bit much; three children will be fine, but the middle adult will struggle to position their feet comfortably and will have to straddle a pronounced transmission tunnel.

Each rear door has its own pocket, but these are quite a bit shallower than the ones on the front doors. At least each front seat comes with a pocket on the rear of its backrest for storing magazines or maps.

Seat folding and flexibility

Although driver’s seat height adjustment is standard across the range, passenger seat height adjustment doesn’t feature until Allure trim. Even so, there’s still enough base and backrest adjustment for front passengers of most shapes and sizes to find a good seating position.

The rear seatbacks can be adjusted for comfort as well as folded 60/40, and because they’re spring loaded, can be folded with just a touch of a button rather than having to actively fold them down yourself.

Boot space

The 2008 has a 410-litre boot, which is not only bigger than the Juke’s, but is more capacious than the Renault Captur’s, too. It’s a nice square shape and the boot floor sits flush with its lip, so sliding in heavy items is easy, and the boot opening is tall and wide with no obstructions.

Once folded, the rear seats lie completely flat, which makes it easier to slide long items in. This means there’s a completely flat surface from the boot entrance right through to the front seats – again, no obstructions means easier loading.


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